College Dorm Bedding, Extra-long Twin Sheets, XL Twin Mattress Pads

Exceptional College Dorm Room Bedding!

Moving away from home to college is a major milestone in the life of every young adult. Here at Laurens Linens, we want to make certain that your college students begin this new and exciting chapter in their lives with the very best XL college dorm bedding available!


XL College Dorm bedding, XL Twin Sheets & sheet Sets, Extra-Long Mattress Pads & Mattress Covers.

From XL sheets and plush comforters for both guys and girls to complete twin XL bedding in a bag sets, pillows, mattress pads, dorm room decor, and so much more—Laurens Linens is your one-stop online source for superior quality twin XL bedding and dorm accessories, all offered every day at exceptional discount prices!

When shopping for dorm bedding, keep in mind that most modern dorm rooms come equipped with twin beds that are generally either the traditional 75 inches in length, or an extra-long 80 inch version. For rooms that come with these extra-long twin beds, most conventional cotton twin sheets will not fit. (Be sure to check with your campus to find out which size dorm room mattress they use.)

For the standard length twin mattress, we offer a great selection of twin dorm bedding sheet sets (39”x75”) and comforters. For the longer 80 inch mattresses, we carry a wide range of fantastic extra-long bedding products, including twin XL sheet sets (39”x80”), in a vast assortment of amazing color, design, style and thread count options!

Regardless of the mattress size, all of the top quality twin comforters available in our dorm bedding inventory will easily fit either traditional or extra-long twin beds since twin comforters already come standard in a larger size than their corresponding sheets.

View our selection of college dorm bedding and accessories now and place your order today for immediate shipping right to your door! Online orders can be placed at any time right here from our secure website. For more information on any particular product, or to place a college bedding order by phone, simply call us toll-free at 877-233-2284!