Vellux Blankets

Vellux Original, Vellux Cotton,Vellux Plush, Vellux Mink Ombre.

Vellux Blankets have been the industry leader for many years and Laurens Linens is proud to offer the complete Vellux Blanket line including the "Vellux Original", "Vellux Cotton", "Vellux Plush" and "Vellux Mink Ombre" blankets. With our extensive selection of styles, materials, colors and sizes, we are sure to have the blanket required to fit any need.

Each of our Vellux blankets has it's own unique characteristic: Vellux Original features light weight, warmth and durability; Vellux Cotton offers a natural fiber, loom woven quality and soft colors; Vellux Plush offers extra warmth, micro mink softness and easy care; choose our Vellux Ombre for relaxing on the couch,a super warm bed blanket for that exceptionally cold night and a great extra blanket for when company arrives.

All of our Vellux Blanket selections are made to the highest standards of WestPoint Home, the manufacturer of such iconic brands as Martex, Utica, Izod, Patrician, Ralph Lauren, Stay Bright, Lady Pepperell and Modern Living.