Waterproof Mattress Protector-Zippered-3/4 Bed Size

Item#: waterproof-mattress-protector-three-quarter-size
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Deluxe Waterproof Zippered Mattress Protector designed to protect your mattress from Bed Wetting, Bed Bugs, Allergens & Dust Mites. 3/4 Bed Size.

  • 3/4 Bed Zippered Waterproof Mattress Protector
  • Waterproof Allergen Barrier-Allergist Recommended
  • Controls Allergens, Bed Bugs & Dust Mites
  • 100% Woven Micro Polyester Top and Bottom with Urethane Membrane
  • Zippered Encapsulation for Complete Protection
  • Mattress Depth 9 Inch to 14 Inch Deep
  • Machine Wash Cold-Tumble Dry

Protect your family from the most common allergic reactions to dust particles and dust mites. This unique mattress cover also prevents the entry or exit of bed bugs on any part of your mattress. Create an effective bed bug barrier and safe guard your entire family with this ultra comforting zippered mattress cover that completely encapsulates the entire mattress.

Three Quarter size waterproof mattress protectors are often hard to find, but in addition to their use in traditional 3/4 beds in the home, they are also a popular size for use in a variety of specialty uses including mattress protection for Boats, Campers, Trailers, Luxury Mobil Homes and much more