FLEECE PILLOW BED Mattress Topper by Bedsack™

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FLEECE PILLOW BED Mattress Topper by Bedsack for PERFECT FIT™

This extremely versatile mattress topper provides additional softness to any mattress. The Pillow Bed will enhance your comfort on every mattress type including Sofa Beds, College Dorm Room Beds and virtually any mattress that would benefit from a little more padding. Transform your older mattress into a plush pillow top mattress at very little expense with this exciting new product.

Our Bedsack Fleece Pillow Bed mattress topper is perfect for turning an uncomfortable dorm room mattress into a soft and comfortable pillow top that any college student will enjoy. The Pillow Bed can also turn your sofa bed into a luxurious sleeping experience....but be careful, it might be so comfortable your guests may not want to leave!

Brushed fleece 100% Polyester Fabric
Water Repellent finish
Soft polyester fiberfill @ 5 oz per sq yard.
Elastic Anchor bands
Multi needle channel stitched quilt pattern

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